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Board Butter

Board Butter

Our Board butter is 100% all Natural and Food Safe. This organic conditioner is made from pure white Bees Wax and NSF Certified Food Grade Mineral Oil. This Butter will Rejuvenate most wood including Cutting boards, Utensils, butcher block counters and so much more.

You can apply with a clean cloth or in my case I wear vinyl gloves and apply with the glove. This way I don't waste any getting soaked in the rag. Leave it set for 20 minutes, (I leave mine over night) then buff it out with a clean lint free cloth. I prefer leaving it over night so that it has plenty of time to soak into the wood.

We recommend using the Board Butter every 6 months if its a heavily used item.

Works Great on:
Cutting Boards
Wooden Bowls
Charcuterie Boards
Any Wooden items that need some love

Also works great for:
Leather conditioner
Table tops
Cabinet doors
And more

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